Samsung has been making dSLR-style mirrorless interchangeable-lens models for years, but like many competitors they’ve suffered from performance issues. The company finally steps up its game with the NX1, a high-performance, high-quality camera that goes head-to-head with models like the Canon EOS 7D Mark II — and quite effectively. Maybe you have recorded some H.265 videos by the Samsung NX1, but the H.265 videos are unsupported by some players, NLEs, TVs.

In this case, how to encode or decode the H.265/HEVC footage is an emergency task for us. No matter for editing tools or Media players, no matter editing in NLEs like Avid MC, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or playing on Windows Media Player, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, etc., it is necessary for us to find a professional NX1 H.265 Video Converter to do a favor. iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac can done well. It is a popular H.265 encoder for Mac and Windows. With it, you can convert Samsung NX1 H.265 to H.264 easily and quickly without any quaility loss.

Besides converting Samsung NX1 H.265 to H.264, it also supports converting any video including DVD, Blu-ray, H.265,4K, AVI, MP4, MKV, MXF, etc to any format you want to suit your Samsung devices or other portables, NLEs, TVs, etc. Once you have converted your videos with this software, it allows for easy sharing. You will not have difficulties sharing your best moments with close friends and family members.

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Three steps to Convert H.265 to H.264 on Mac (Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan included)

Step 1. Import Samsung NX1 H.265 files
The foremost thing to do is launching the program you are using to convert your videos. Then, import Samsung NX1 H.265 files through dragging and dropping or by clicking “Add video” from the menu bar. If you want to add multiple files at the same time, batch conversion is allowed.

Step 2. Choose H.264 as output format

Scan through all the output formats that are available until you spot H.264 and select it. Or directly choose h.264 .mp4 from “Common Video” and “HD Video”. That is the primary format that you will be obliged to choose when converting files from H.265.

Step 3. Start converting H.265 to H.264

Even before you have kick started the process of converting your files; choose the folder to which they will be stored in the computer. It should be easily accessible. Then, click on the “Start Conversion” button and the conversion process will begin immediately. It might take minimal time to complete but the size of the files is a key determinant. When the conversion finished, click “Open” to find the converted video files. Then you can effortless transfer the video files to devices for playback or other usages.

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